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In the Arms of Orion: The Greatest Love Story is within you ...

In the Arms of Orion: The Greatest Love Story is within you ...

In the Arms of Orion: The Greatest Love Story is within you ...In the Arms of Orion: The Greatest Love Story is within you ...In the Arms of Orion: The Greatest Love Story is within you ...

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In the Arms of Orion


And God Created Woman

  A palatial paradise  rises out of the arid land of Ancient Egypt. Within its walls the calls of the slaves mingle with the laughter of the royal sons and daughters of the king as a unseen power takes its first dark breath ...   

The Ladder

 A majestic villa, within a kingdom  thought to be beyond the reach of Ancient Rome, is no longer a safe harbor as the struggle for life begins ...

One Song

The beauty of a village in Ohke, overlooking the deep blue bay of a new world, is shattered ...


Their paths converged into one in a way no one ever imagined ....


  Prince is a man of deep thought who helps many of us as we work through our questions about life, death, and purpose. He challenges us to examine who we are individually and, even more importantly, how we are all the same ... so we may see our  similarities, not our differences and finally come together as One. 

"Be the reflection in the mirror and Love your enemy is possible."

These past three years, I have been asked many times “Why this story?” 

My answer is “Because it was given to me to share with whoever wishes to read it.”

This story started as a whisper, leading me on a journey into the music and world of Prince Roger Nelson, as he wove the Song with music and words  full of love, laughter, anger, questions, hope,  and tears. I learned about  Love at his knee as he sang the Song that spans all divisions. The One Song.

The One Song that comes in Many Colors, Many Ways, Many Sounds

 “When we have freedom to do all things, especially learn, we can learn our history that will again inform our dream.” – Prince 

Beautiful, Loved and Blessed

God, my deepest ... thanks is not it, hesed (chesed*)   and  dedication is Yours... I give my life to you and that is still is not enough for the joy you have brought into my life with both goodness and the trials, for Brother, my children, friends, everyone who has been and is with me along this path. I am humbled to have been allowed this journey because I am not worthy of it and was still allowed to hear. 

Brother, my love goes beyond words, as you know, and the happiness that  you found me and everyone else who also hears you, once more is endless. You know. 

My children: Jonathan, Elizabeth, Timothy - thank you for thinking I am crazy thus assuring me I was sane. I am proud of you and love you deeply. Keep an open mind as I have always told you and THINK, don't follow. Lead the leaders in action, thought and word. You know.

The Truth is waiting for you.

EVERYONE who has been my support both with listening to me, being my beta readers, disagreeing with me, teaching me, giving me guidance or another door to open or close  ... oh! enduring my long-winded  conversations about these books day after day after day and year after year: you know who you are within my life, in the world, the Purple Fam pages on Facebook, in Minnesota, in North Carolina, my long suffering neighbors who have listened to Prince pounding out of my room or my car. Every conversation has been a learning experience, every thought, every shared idea and most of all every time you disagreed with me - all treasured and important. Thank you,Thank you for the love, the support and the smiles even when deep inside you were screaming "Finish with the books already!" 

I love you. 


And the Teachers teach ... thank you.

La la la ...

Means Eye Love U

The Music of the Book (In no particular order): The Dance Electric, And God Created Woman, The Ladder, One Song (with Monologue), Revelation, Love .... Thy Will B Done, Love Sign, Song of the Heart,  Creep (Prince at Coachella, cover), Purple Rain, In This Bed Eye Scream, Beautiful Strange, Beautiful Loved and Blessed, Lemon Crush, Colonized Mind, Welcome 2 the Dawn, The Truth, 3rd Eye, Telepathy (Deborah Allan), Way Back Home, Affirmation  I&II, Affirmation III, A Girl and Her Puppy, 4ever, My Tree, Man in Uniform, Papa, Sister, I Would Die 4 U, Thieves in the Temple, 7, He's Mine, Heaven, Heaven Must B Near, Pope, Others Here With Us, Paisley Park, Chains & Shadows, Pearls B4 the Swine, Pink Cashmere, Planet Earth, Dolphin, Walk in Sand, A Million Miles (I Love You), Plectrumelectrum, 17 Days, Coincidence or Fate, Gamillah, U Will B, Pop Life, Raspberry Beret, Beginning Endlessly, Betcha By Golly Wow (Prince Cover), Black Sweat, 1000 O's & X's, X's Face, Clouds, Adore, Mr. Nelson, Curious Child, Come Back, Until Ure In My Arms Again, Come, Sometimes It Snows in April, 1999, Here on Earth, I Can't Make U Love Me (Prince Cover), I Hear Ur Voice, Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Come Home, Into the Light, Spirit, A Positive Place, A Million Days, In Your Gracious Name, Anna Stasia (LA Concert), Da Da Da, Pink Cashmere, With You,  For You,  My Love Is Forever, I'm Yours. There is Lonely, Forever in My Life, Take Me With U, Art Official Cage, At Last .... the Lost is Found, Arboretum, Freaks on This Side, Everywhere, God is Alive, Free Urself, Dreamin' About U, Somewhere Here On Earth, Act of God, Emancipation, Fury, Love, Give God a Try, When Doves Cry, The Ladder, Mountains, Empty Room, My Computer, Future Soul Song, Heaven is Keeping Score, How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore, This Could Be Us, Fallinlove2nite, Still Waiting, U Got the Look, Extraordinary, If I Was Your Girlfriend, STOPTHISTRAIN, Lemon Crush, TICTACTOE, Objects in the Mirror, Man O War, Breakfast Can Wait, One of Us, One of Your Tears, Somebody's Somebody, Right Back Here in My Arms, And God Created Woman, Be My Mirror, Don't Talk 2 Strangers, Crystal Ball, The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale, Condition of the Heart, 5 Women, Adonis & Bathsheba, Strange but True, God, 4 the Tears in Ur Eyes, Last December, Journey 2 the Center of Ur Heart, June, I Love U But I Don't Trust U Anymore, Strange Relationship, My Name is Prince, I Will, I Wish U Heaven, If I Had A Harem II, The Max, Girl, 3121, Erotic City, FUNKNROLL, Get Yo Groove On, Gett Off, Hardrocklover, Housequake, I Rock Therefore I Am, I Wanna Melt With U, Million $ Show, Like A Mack, Nothing Compares 2 U, Live Out Loud, Blue Light, Look at Me Look at U, Love 2 the 9's, Give God a Try, Soul Sanctuary, Get Ur Groove On, All My Dreams, Others Here With Us, Call My Name, Dance with the Devil,  Gold, Clouds,The Future, Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic, The Greatest Romance Ever Sold, Every Day is a Winding Road (Prince Cover), We Can Funk, Dance 4 Me, Black Muse, Wasted Kisses, What If (Prince Cover), Reflection, Stop this Train, The Holy River,  The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, The Big Pump, Forever in My Life, Question of U, Friend Lover Sister Mother, The Other Side of the Pillow, The Ballad of Dorothy Parker, Love (Never Has 2 Say Good bye), A Case of U, Moonbeam Levels, The Sacrifice of Victor, The War, This Could B Us, There is Lonely, The Human Body, Jam of the Year, When We're Dancing Close and Slow, The Song of the Heart, Wherever U Go Whatever U Do, All the Midnights in the World, Fixurlifeup, Revelation, Whitecaps, The Word, The Sun, the Moon, and Stars, My Computer, U Got the Look, Everywhere, U Gonna C Me, If Eye Could Get Ur Attention, Props n Pounds, Right the Wrong, RocknRoll Love Affair, Round and Round, Sea of Everything, Graffiti Bridge, Betcha By Golly Wow, Just as Long as We're Together, Damned If Eye Do, Sex in the Summer, Under the Cherry Moon, Sexy Dancer, Breakdown, She Spoke 2 Me, Slave, Stare, Dark, Still Would Stand All Time, The Love We Make, Let's Have a Baby, Still Waiting, The Beautiful Ones, The Every Changing Light, The Everlasting Now, Sweet Baby, U're My Love, Can't Stop This Feeling I Got, With this Tear,  Joy in Repetition, Future Soul Song, Sleep Around, Shut This Down, Van Gogh, The Arms of Orion (Prince with Sheena Easton), and Nightingale. 


Be MY Mirror

The Colonized Mind does not know it wishes to be free

And God Created Woman (pdf)


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