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Welcome 2 the Dawn

The Book: In the Arms of Orion


IF you are a Prince Fam, you will recognize “With love there is no death” and perhaps even some of his love within this book. 

IF you are not a Prince Fam, then welcome and enjoy as our story unfolds. You do not need to know his music to know Love or to enjoy a story about Love.

The Greatest Love Story is within you ….  

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2 the Purple Fam

You know who you are. You also already know every soul on this world is truly unique and beautiful and one day everyone will see this truth. As we work toward this day, the one uniting truth is the Purple Fam hears Prince's song and sings it with him, each of us in our own way, our own time, in our own key and tempo ... even laughing when he throws shade at us when we hit an off tune key. Unite in Purple Love sisters and brothers. 

Beginning Endlessly

The Question is U